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How do the different settings of Auto Invest work?

  • Name of the strategy – Choose a unique name for your Auto Invest strategy.
  • Max. portfolio size – Specify the maximum amount of funds you are willing to allocate for automatic investments. The minimum is 10 EUR.
  • Exclude manually invested ABS – Opting for this feature ensures that Auto Invest avoids investing in ABS that you have already manually invested in.
  • ABS return, p.a. – Set the preferred range for the annual interest rate of ABS that you want Auto Invest to automatically invest in.
  • ABS term, months – Determine the range of term duration for ABS that you wish Auto Invest to invest in automatically.
  • Maximum investment amount – Specify the percentage of your portfolio for the maximum single investment when this option is selected.
  • Loan originators – Choose your preferred Loan Originators, allowing Auto Invest to invest as soon as new ABS are added to the platform to avoid missing out.
  • Minimum wallet balance – Set the amount of funds that Auto Invest will leave in your Debitum account to be used by you for withdrawal or manual investing. This will work as a priority over Max. portfolio size option described above.
  • Auto withdrawal – This option, available for investors with an outstanding Auto Invest balance above 10,000 EUR, enables the automatic withdrawal of uninvested funds directly to the assigned bank account on the 5th day of each month.
  • Enable auto invest? – If selected, it activates the Auto Invest feature upon saving your settings.
  • Auto invest 1h/day? – If selected, Auto Invest will invest only for 1 hour a day from 22:00 CET, as opposed to multiple times throughout the day. This will allow yourself opportunity to make manual investments before Auto Invest executes your chosen strategy.
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* Weighted average interest rate for all historic loans and ABS. Your earnings may be higher or lower than expected. Investing puts your capital at risk. Any indicated historic return does not guarantee the same future performance.