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What protection does Debitum offer?

As a licensed platform, Debitum uses various tools to help investors on the platform invest with controlled risk*:

  • Your funds are protected up to 90% of net loss and €20 000 by the Investor compensation scheme, regulated by Directive 97/9/EC, in case of Debitum insolvency.
  • All of our assets are business loans. Businesses are much more likely to pay back their loans than individuals and business loans have stricter requirements to take out a loan
  • Our risk assessment is done by local professional risk assessors. All of Debitum risk assessment is outsourced to the best local risk assessors that we could find, so our investors could evaluate their risks
  • All of our assets have a buyback obligation. If any loan is late by a set amount of days (this depends on the individual loan originator), the loan must be bought back by our loan originator.

*Investment still involves risk, including risk of losing principal investment amount

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* Weighted average interest rate for all historic loans and ABS. Your earnings may be higher or lower than expected. Investing puts your capital at risk. Any indicated historic return does not guarantee the same future performance.