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I cannot pass the identity verification. What do I do?

The verification is process is usually prompt and effortless, however, sometimes it fails. Please make sure that your attempts meet the following criteria:

  1. Your identity documents are not scanned and/or cropped
  2. You are using live photo of yourself (not a picture which can be downloaded from social media or other sources)
  3. Your documents are not expired
  4. All parts of the documents are clearly visible and nothing is artificially covered
  5. Your documents are internationally recognized
  6. Your document has an MRZ code
  7. Your full name and surname in the document should match with the full name provided on your Debitum profile.

We suggest completing the verification using your smartphone. Take a look at the following video from our KYC partners Ondato:

If you cannot pass the verification after the aforementioned steps, please contact support@debitum.network.

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